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Nederlands Hydrologisch Instrumentarium


The "Nederlands Hydrologisch Instrumentarium" (Hydrological Instrumentations of the Netherlands) or NHI is a collection of datasets, model codes, and tools to simulate the entire water cycle in the Netherlands. The instrumentation tools consider groundwater flow and surface runoff as well as the interaction between the atmosphere, vegetation, soil moisture and salinization, which all play a role in certain areas of the Netherlands.

The hydrological instrumentation can model both dry and wet conditions to predict where any problems may arise and the effects of interventions. This helps policymakers and land managers make decisions that will limit damage from drought and flooding. Hydrological models explore the possible effects of climate change scenarios and can be used to substantiate and evaluate policy.

The NHI is about models, code, data and tools needed to simulate water volumes and distinctions between fresh and salt water. The NHI also provides the preconditions for simulating water quality. Additional software and data are available that can link into the NHI for modelling water quality systems.

This website provides access to models, code, data and tools. Brief documentation is available for the various datasets and instrumentation and references are provided for the data portal or other online locations where the models, code, data and tools are available.

The Netherlands Hydrological Instrumentations is focused on the water cycle in the Netherlands and is therefore primarily used by Dutch-speaking users. As such, the website has been created in Dutch. If you have specific questions about the website, you can contact an NHI coordinator via the contact page.

NHI en Nederlands waterbeheer

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